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Verfahren zur Ermittlung einer Strassenkruemmung aus digital abgelegten Karteninformationen

Determining curve of road from digital map - using process of GPS based coordinate points each representing start and finish of separate segments to give radius.
: Hamberger, W.; Struck, G.

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DE 1996-19604364 A: 19960207
DE 1996-19604364 A: 19960207
EP 1997-101428 A: 19970130
DE 19604364 A1: 19970814
EP 789225 A: 19970813
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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A process for identifying the curve of a road from a digital map uses digitally-given coordinate points (N1-N5) on the length of road in question. By these the road is dived into segments (Z1, Z2, Z3, Z5), with most points (e.g. N2, N3) representing both the end of one segment and the beginning of another. From this information it is possible to identify which segments correspond to a basic curve in the road, determined by the angle (alpha 2, alpha 3) between two successive points and the length of road between them. By progressive processing, using a geometric form (d) such as the curve of the circumference, from the start-point of this first segment to the end-point of the last segment, the radius (R) of the actual curve can be discovered. USE/ADVANTAGE - Process for determining curve of road can be applied to all in-vehicle navigation systems to warn of appropriate speeds etc.