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Image evaluation process
: Korn, A.

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DE 1989-3913620 A: 19890425
DE 1989-3913620 A: 19890425
EP 1990-107763 A: 19900424
DE 3913620 C2: 19911121
EP 394959 B1: 19980708
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to a process for the evaluation of images produced by a video camera or a TV picture, said evaluation performed by an evaluation device by means of analysis of the directions of the greyscale gradients, whereby stored image patterns, e.g. textile patterns or vehicles which contain the image to be evaluated, whereby the greyscale gradients of the image are normalized by determining the frequency of the gradient angular value in per cent in relation to the angular value, e.g. in a table, which performs the cross-correlation using the histogram of the stored image pattern, increments the angular value of the image patterns by 1 or any other value (modulo 360) and cross-correlates the new histogram with a pattern, this process being repeated 360 times or as often as necessary, the image being defined with the highest agreement with the cross-correlation.