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The systematical realisation of complex simulation stustudies

Systematische Durchführung komplexer Simulationsstudien
: Augustin, M.

Schmidt, B. ; Society for Computer Simulation International -SCS-:
Modelling and simulation. Proceedings of the 1990 European Simulation Multiconference
San Diego, 1990
ISBN: 0-911801-73-1
European Simulation Multiconference (ESM) <1990, Nürnberg>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Lagerhaltung; material flow; Materialfluss; Modellierung; modelling; planning; planning aid; Planung; Planungshilfe; simulation; Stock handling

This report deals with simulation of material flow and stock handling in the sense of a planning aid. It is designed to help, particularly the beginner, so that he will not have to make all experiences (and mistakes) new again. A sequence of steps for a sensible way of proceeding is given. The theoretical principles which are the basic requirement for carrying out a simulation study successfully and how they are collected without excessive costs and efforts. The different proceedings of modelling with various simulation languages and simulation systems are presented. For the validation whether the model fullfills the crucial points of reality, indications are given, how difficulties can be overcome, if no comparative possibilities are available. The question, how precise the correspondence with reality should be, is also dealt with. For the carrying out of the actual simulation runs pieces of advice are given from the point of view of the everyday user. Finally, the evaluation of the r esults and their transmission into reality, is dealt with. This report is meant to be a guide and consequently should not be understood as a collection of patent recipes but much rather as a summary of practical experiences.