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Simulationssysteme und die Konstruktion von Werkzeugmaschinen

: Knupfer, S.; Schüle, A.

ZWF CIM 85 (1990), Nr.4, S.184-187
ISSN: 0932-0482
Fraunhofer IPK ()
Bewertung; design; evaluation; Konstruktion; Konzeption; productivity; Produktivität; simulation; WZM

Simulation systems and the design of machine tools. The application of 3D CAD and simulation systems for designing machine tosls permits an overall view of the concept and a better qualitative evaluation. Especially the integration into structures of the production shop can thus be improved, as three-dimensional presentation is a very effective means of investigating spatial problems. Moreover, investigating the time response for the first time offers the possibility of evaluating on a quantitativebasis the criterion of quantitative output in the design phase. Comparing alternative solutions therefore now is possible on a measurable and reproducible scale.