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Scavenging of a coagulating fine aerosol by a coarse particle mode.

Abscheidung eines koagulierenden Feinstaerosol durch die Grobpartikelfraktion
: Friedlander, S.K.; Main, H.H.; Koch, W.


Journal of Aerosol Science 22 (1991), Nr.1, S.1-8
ISSN: 0021-8502
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
aerosol; bimodal distribution; bimodale Verteilung; coagulating; Koagulation; particles; Partikel; ultrafeine Partikel; ultrafine particle

Aerosol emissions from coal combustion and waste incineration often have a biomodal mass distribution. The coarse mode consists mainly of entrained ash. The fine (submicron) mode may form by volatilization of a small fraction of mineral matter followed by reoxidation and recondensation. Fine mode particle may grow by coagulation into a size range near 0.1 mym, where they are stable over the process residence time. Alternatively, the fine mode may be scavenged by diffusion to the coarse mode. In this paper, we derive a simple analytical criterion for determining whether diffusion to the coarse mode will suppress growth of the fine mode. The analysis is based on two different analytical methods: the self-preserving analysis, and the monodisperse aerosol model and a (numerical) moment method.