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Pulmonary function changes in rats after chronic and subchronic inhalation exposure to various particulate matter

: Heinrich, U.; Hoymann, H.-G.; Mermelstein, R.; Muhle, H.

Experimental Pathology 37 (1989), Nr.1-4, S.248-252
ISSN: 0232-1513
Fraunhofer ITA ( ITEM) ()
compliance; Inhalation; inhalation experiment; lung; lung volume; particulate matter; pulmonary function measurement; silicon dioxide; test toner; titanium dioxide; ventilation

Pulmonary function measurements using the whole body plethysmograph were performed in rats exposed by inhalation to a special test toner at various concentrations. Chrystalline SiO2 as a positive and TiO2 as a negative control material for fibrogenic end point were also used. In two experiments, a long-term and a subchronic recovery study, the impact of the inhaled material on mechanical lung function was investigated and compared with BAL (bronchoalveolar lavage) and histopathological observations in the lungs.