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Order Flow Management and Control in a Virtual Enterprise

: Richards, H.D.; Dudenhausen, H.-M.; Makatsoris, C.; Ridder, L.d.

Fichtner, D.; Mackay, R. ; European Commission, Directorate-General for Industry; TU Dresden, CIMTT Zentrum für Produktionstechnik und Organisation:
Facilitating deployment of Information and Communications Technologies for competitive manufacturing. Proceedings of the European Conference on Integration in Manufacturing
Dresden: TU, 1997
ISBN: 3-86005-192-X
European Conference on Integration in Manufacturing <13, 1997, Dresden>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Auftragsbearbeitung; Auftragsmanagement; Auftragssteuerung; Fertigung; Halbleiter; Unternehmen; virtuelle Fabrik; virtuelles Unternehmen

Semiconductor manufacturing Virtual Enterprises are currently faced with unrelenting competitive pressures relating to the market, customers and the way enterprise operations are carried out. Planning and control of order flow is a key to improved performance. Contemporary systems do not offer adequate solutions to meet today's challenge and the trade-offs which have to be made. A new development, X-CITTIC, provides solutions to bridge gaps that exist between higher level transactional systems and lower level local systems, as manufacturing execution systems. X-CITTIC supplies solutions to meet these challenges.