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Optische Qualitätskontrollen an Holzoberflächen. Tl.2. Die Bildverarbeitungsverfahren in der Holzindustrie - was bringt die Zukunft?

: Plinke, B.

HK. Holz- und Möbelindustrie 29 (1994), Nr.10, S.1080-1082
ISSN: 0721-2585
Fraunhofer WKI ()
Bildverarbeitung; Echtzeitsystem; Fehlstellenerkennung; Holz; Übersicht

Applications for quality control on wood and wood-based materials using digital image processing have been installed mainly for sawn timber, single ones also for the testing of parquet mosaic fingers and veneer boards, while for particleboards and MDF up to now no testing methods were developed. Image processing systems in the wood have to be flexible with regard to the classification of the detected surface defects and the further processing. Only fast special computers and algorithms are suitable for the real-time image processing used for the inspection of wood surfaces. For example, further development is required regarding the defect detection on hardwood as well as on particle- and fibreboards. Methods for assigning the detected marks to different classes like "knot", "shake" or "resin gall" have to be optimized. Procedures e.g. for grading of timber or boards according to the user's criteria have to be developed. In the Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institute a real-time experimental device was set up comprising a line scan camera, image signal processors, software for data evaluation and defect classification as well as a feeding device for boards. This set-up is designed for feasibility studies and process development.