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Kinetic study of the solid phase reaction of ammonium nitrate and copper oxide by the use of fast X-ray diffraction.

Kinetische Untersuchung der Reaktion von Ammoniumnitrat und Kupferoxid in fester Phase mittels schneller Röntgenbeugung
: Eisenreich, N.; Engel, W.

Journal of thermal analysis 35 (1989), S.577-584
ISSN: 0368-4466
Fraunhofer ICT ()
Ammoniumnitrat; angle dispersive; copper oxide; diammine copper complex; energy dispersive; phase reaction; solid state; x-ray diffraction

The solid state reaction of ammonium nitrate and copper oxide was studied by the use of energy dispersive and angle dispersive x-ray diffraction. The reaction takes place within the temperature interval 110 to 150 degree C and consists of two steps. The product of these consecutive reactions is the diammine copper complex. The relative concentrations of the species involved were evaluated by summing up difference x-ray spectra. The resulting curves were analyzed by a computer programm to obtain the kinetic constants of the reactions.