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In den Punkt geschaut. Optimale Verbindungsfestigkeit beim Drucksetzfügen durch Einsatz effektiver Planungshilfsmittel

A detailed look at the joining point
: Dick, A.; Herkommer, T.F.; Wößner, J.F.

Blech Rohre Profile 39 (1992), Nr.4, S.315-318
ISSN: 0006-4688
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Drucksetzfügen; Fügen; Planung; Verbindung; Verbindungsfestigkeit; Verbindungstechnik

In joining technology press joining gains more and more importance. This means that sheet metals can be joined without the use of additional joining parts. Optimal tool geometries and joining parameters, which have been determined experimentally so far, can now be determined in advance numerically depending on the specific joining requirements. This is made possible by the application of the finite element method. At the IPA the flow behaviour of materials can be seen displayed on the screen.