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Herstellung galvanisch abgeformter Kontakthoecker

Forming galvanically deposited contact bumps for integrated circuits - involves external current-free metal deposition on metallising subsequently located under contact bump(s).
: Aschenbrenner, R.; Ostmann, A.; Zakel, E.; Kasulke, P.

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WO 1996-DE206 A: 19960209
DE 1996-19616373 A: 19960424
DE 19616373 A1: 19970814
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The contact bumps are intended for the bottom of integrated circuits, the metal deposition is formed on a metallising subsequently located under the contact bump, using external current-free process. Preferably an Ni or Au deposition is carried out on the metal bond pad, typically of Al, as an under-bump metallising, prior to depositing a thin plating base (5) in an external current-free process, the metal of the plating base is to be so selected that there is no permanent diffusion between under-metallising and metal contact bumps. USE/ADVANTAGE - For flip-chip or TAB technique, without need for high cost sputtering.