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Strategy optimization at sorting system feeding station

: Ten Hompel, M.; Meier, A.

Univ. Dortmund, Graduate School of Production Engineering and Logistics, Dortmund:
Graduate School of Production Engineering and Logistics. Research Report 2004
Dortmund, 2004
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Fraunhofer IML ()
Sorter; Zubringerförderer; Fördertechnik; feeding conveyor; Drehsorter

A major goal of the Chair of Material Flow Systems at the University of Dortmund (FLW) is to develop material flow systems which can rise the economic efficiency of automated systems by low cost technology and allow an implementation into existing systems or cramped areas as well as a high availability achieved by technical simplicity. In the past, considerable results were obtained in the field of technological development up to the conception of complete new sorting technologies.