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Wafer-level fabrication of microring resonators using adhesive wafer bonding

Fertigung von Mikroringresonatoren auf der Wafer-Ebene mit Hilfe des Klebebondierens
: Dragoi, V.; Mittendorfer, G.; Thanner, C.; Lindner, P.; Alexe, M.; Pintilie, L.; Hamacher, M.; Heidrich, H.

Bagdahn, J. ; University of Technology of Delft:
2nd International Workshop on Wafer Bonding for MEMS Technologies 2006 : 9th-11th April 2006, Halle/Saale, Tagungsband
Halle/Saale, 2006
2 S.
International Workshop on Wafer Bonding for MEMS Technologies <2, 2006, Halle/Saale>
Fraunhofer HHI ()
Fertigungsverfahren; Galliumarsenid; GaAs; Goldlegierung; InP=Indiumphosphid; Klebebondieren; Mikrosystemtechnik; optoelektronisches Bauelement; Ringoszillator; Ringresonator; Temperaturbereich; Verfahrensvergleich; Verzug=Verformung; Wafer=Halbleiterplättchen; Wafer-Montage; Wärmeausdehnung; Wellenlaengenmultiplex

This paper reports the first microring resonators device fabrication at wafer-level using adhesive bonding with BCB (benzocyclobutene) intermediate layers. The vertical coupling concept was used because it offers major advantages: Realisation of ultra short couplers (some tens of micron); coupling strength can be precisely controlled with epitaxial growth accuracy; material composition and pattern of the passive and active waveguides can be optimised independently (optical I/O ports are located in a passive, transparent optical lower waveguide layer vertically coupled to an active, highly confined upper waveguide layer in which micro-ring cavities are formed). The high warpage in case of using eutectic bonding is a result of the different thermal expansion of the two substrates and to the rigid interface formed during eutectic bonding. In case of BCB intermediate layers the post-bond warpage is lower as the stress at the bonded interface can relax due to the mechanical properties of BCB after bond process. Preliminary passive devices as shown have been fabricated to proof the wafer bonding and the technological integration concept. Vertically coupled wafer-bonded single ring resonator devices were successfully produced.
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