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A Journey Through Energy Systems Integration: Trending Grid Codes, Standards, and IEC Collaboration

: Macdowell, J.; Wang, Y.; Quint, R.; Chi, Y.; Ernst, B.; Saylors, S.; Jacobson, D.; Andresen, B.; Sorensen, P.E.; Portales, R.; Brake, D.; Zavadil, B.; Robinson, L.


IEEE power & energy magazine 17 (2019), Nr.6, S.79-88
ISSN: 1540-7977
Fraunhofer IEE ()

Our electrical world is changing. The journey we are on today parallels the era of Edison, Tesla, and Westinghouse in the early race for electrification. Change abounds: energy from nature, inverter-based technology, smart and smarter grids; decentralized power, and intercontinental interconnection. This new age of energy offers new choices and challenges, all heavily influenced by the practices that evolved over the past century and institutionalized in standards, interconnection requirements, grid codes, and technical regulatory policies. These standards drove the development of the electrical world, and now they play an important role in its transformation. We explore here the rapidly evolving standards world, one that is both the product of unprecedented technology and an environment for enabling even more technological advancements.