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Graphene Roadmap Briefs (No. 1): Innovation interfaces of the Graphene Flagship

: Döscher, Henning; Reiß, Thomas

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Erstellt am: 23.2.2021

2D Materials. Online journal 8 (2021), Nr.2, Art. 022004, 19 S.
ISSN: 2053-1583
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Graphene and related materials; innovation roadmap; industrialization

In the frame of the Graphene Flagship project, its technology and innovation roadmap (TIR) process explores pathways towards GRM industrialisation. The initial issue of Graphene Roadmap Briefs outlines scope and goals of the novel format in the context the history, present status, and projected future of the TIR process. It particularly focusses the novel innovation interface investigation (3I) approach designed to explore the impact of GRM on the formation and transformation of potential future value chains. Context specific innovation spheres and their interrelations through innovation interfaces constitute the underlying key concepts of the 3I approach and serve as essential building blocks of prospective supply chains. The practical implementation of 3I studies bases on an extensive stakeholder consultation strategy to aggregate all relevant perspectives from key experts along a specific innovation chain. Each study culminates in an interactive 3I focus workshop to consolidate consensus expectations. An explorative innovation roadmap summarizes the joint vision for the innovation under investigation and outlines a realistic pathway for its implementation. We conclude with a course overview on earlier TIR results, on recent focus topics, and on the selection process that shape the current status and the future trajectory of the TIR process within and beyond the Graphene Flagship. About: Graphene Roadmap Briefs Graphene Roadmap Briefs highlight key innovation areas impacted by graphene and related 2D materials (GRM) as well as overarching aspects of GRM innovation status and prospects. The series bases on the evolving technology and innovation roadmap (TIR) process initiated by the European Graphene Flagship. It covers crucial innovation trends beyond fundamental scientific discovery and applied research on GRM utilization opportunities.