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Learn from Ants to Build OP Scissors

: Schwarz, Oliver; Schuck, Simon; Schiebl, Jonas; Brümmer, Franz

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Bosbach, Wolfram ; Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft -DFG-, Bonn:
3rd International Conference on Trauma Surgery Technology in Giessen 2020. Proceedings : 17 October 2020, Hosted online due to Corona situation. Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen
Giessen, 2020
International Conference on Trauma Surgery Technology <3, 2020, Online>
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Bionik; Produktentwicklung; Schneiden

In endoscopic operations in human surgery, precision and efficiency combined with high reliability are crucial. Scientific progress in this field is largely determined by the development of new instruments and depends on their development. In the course of this progress, fungus breeding ants and their special way of cutting leaves will serve as a biomimetic example.
Leaf-cutting ants are the most successful of their kind, which is not the last of other effective, efficient and precise leaf-cutting techniques. The filigree cuts of these ants allow them to make an arc in a field that is also filigree. In human surgery, and especially in minimally invasive procedures, precision and efficiency combined with high reliability are very important.
The asynchronous cutting of the ant is a special aspect of this technique. The two lower jaws thus fulfil completely different tasks. Remarkable here is the method of simultaneous knife and scissors cutting, which combines the advantages of both techniques. This special feature was taken up and adapted. The result is scissors that could cut more effectively, especially where little force can be applied due to the small size (neurosurgery) or where endoscopically compact tissue has to be removed.