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Far-field prediction combining simulations with near-field measurements for EMI assessment of PCBs

: Schroeder, D.; Lange, S.; Hangmann, C.; Hedayat, C.


Ravelo, B. ; Institution of Engineering and Technology -IET-:
Tensorial Analysis of Networks (TAN) Modelling for PCB Signal Integrity and EMC Analysis
London: IET, 2020 (IET Materials, Circuits and Devices Series 72)
ISBN: 978-1-83953-049-4
ISBN: 978-1-83953-050-0
ISBN: 1-83953-050-2
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Using near-field (NF) scan data to predict the far-field (FF) behaviour of radiating electronic systems represents a novel method to accompany the whole RF design process. This approach involves so-called Huygens' box as an efficient radiation model inside an electromagnetic (EM) simulation tool and then transforms the scanned NF measured data into the FF. For this, the basic idea of the Huygens'box principle and the NF-to-FF transformation are briefly presented. The NF is measured on the Huygens' box around a device under test using anNF scanner, recording the magnitude and phase of the site-related magnetic and electric components. A comparison between a fullwave simulation and the measurement results shows a good similarity in both the NF and the simulated and transformed FF.Thus, this method is applicable to predict the FF behaviour of any electronic system by measuring the NF. With this knowledge, the RF design can be improved due to allowing a significant reduction of EM compatibility failure at the end of the development flow. In addition, the very efficient FF radiation model can be used for detailed investigations in various environments and the impact of such an equivalent radiation source on other electronic systems can be assessed.