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Towards Bacteria Counting in DI Water of Several Microliters or Growing Suspension Using Impedance Biochips

: Kiani, M.; Tannert, A.; Du, N.; Hübner, U.; Skorupa, I.; Bürger, D.; Zhao, X.; Blaschke, D.; Rebohle, L.; Cherkouk, C.; Neugebauer, U.; Schmidt, O.G.; Schmidt, H.

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Biosensors 10 (2020), Nr.8, Art. 82, 15 S.
ISSN: 2079-6374
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Elektronische Publikation
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We counted bacterial cells of E. coli strain K12 in several-microliter DI water or in several-microliter PBS in the low optical density (OD) range (OD = 0.05–1.08) in contact with the surface of Si-based impedance biochips with ring electrodes by impedance measurements. The multiparameter fit of the impedance data allowed calibration of the impedance data with the concentration cb of the E. coli cells in the range of cb = 0.06 to 1.26 × 109 cells/mL. The results showed that for E. coli in DI water and in PBS, the modelled impedance parameters depend linearly on the concentration of cells in the range of cb = 0.06 to 1.26 × 109 cells/mL, whereas the OD, which was independently measured with a spectrophotometer, was only linearly dependent on the concentration of the E. coli cells in the range of cb = 0.06 to 0.50 × 109 cells/mL.