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Homogenization of Perforated Elastic Structures

: Griso, G.; Khilkova, L.; Orlik, J.; Sivak, O.

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Journal of elasticity 141 (2020), Nr.2, S.181-225
ISSN: 0374-3535 (Print)
ISSN: 1573-2681 (Online)
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The paper is dedicated to the asymptotic behavior of ε-periodically perforated elastic (3-dimensional, plate-like or beam-like) structures as ε→0. In case of plate-like or beam-like structures the asymptotic reduction of dimension from 3D to 2D or 1D respectively takes place. An example of the structure under consideration can be obtained by a periodic repetition of an elementary “flattened” ball or cylinder for plate-like or beam-like structures in such a way that the contact surface between two neighboring balls/cylinders has a non-zero measure. Since the domain occupied by the structure might have a non-Lipschitz boundary, the classical homogenization approach based on the extension cannot be used. Therefore, for obtaining Korn’s inequalities, which are used for the derivation of a priori estimates, we use the approach based on interpolation. In case of plate-like and beam-like structures the proof of Korn’s inequalities is based on the displacement decomposition for a plate or a beam, respectively. In order to pass to the limit as ε→0 we use the periodic unfolding method.