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Simulation and optimal control of the Williams-Otto process using Pyomo

: Schmid, Jochen; Teichert, Katrin; Chioua, Moncef; Schindler, Thorsten; Bortz, Michael

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Online im WWW, 2020, arXiv:2004.07614, 19 S.
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We illustrate the advantages the high-level open-source software package Pyomo has in rapidly setting up and solving dynamic simulation and optimization problems. In order to do so, we use the example of the Williams-Otto process. We show how to simulate the process dynamics using the collocation method and the IPOPT solver provided by Pyomo. We also discuss waste minimization and yield maximization as two examplary process optimization problems. And finally, we present and compare two approaches to setpoint tracking: one based on proportional-integral feedback control and one based on optimal open-loop control.