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Semiconductor device comprising diamond and method for its manufacturing

: Nebel, Christoph; Zürbig, Verena

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US 20190074358 A1: 20170907
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Hot metal dissolution of carbon atoms is used to structure a diamond substrate. A layer of catalytic material is deposited on at least a portion of a surface of the diamond substrate. The layer of catalytic material may be structured using photolithography to define a gap exposing the surface of the diamond substrate, where the gap has a (110) orientation relative to the crystal structure of the diamond substrate. The exposed surface of the diamond substrate is etched to form at least one recess having at least one (111) oriented diamond surface (facet). The catalytic material is removed by a suitable cleaning process. The (111) oriented surface is then overgrown with diamond comprising a dopant resulting in a conductivity of the overgrown diamond that is different from the conductivity of the doped substrate. The doping concentration of the overgrown diamond is greater than 1019 cm−3.