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Lean Approach to Business Model Development for Smart Product Service Systems Using the Example of Maintenance

: Reder, Laura; Pott, Christoph; Michalik, Alexander

Decision Sciences Institute -DSI-:
DSI 50th Decision Sciences Institute Annual Conference 2019. Proceedings : Transforming Decision Sciences Through Emergent Technologies. New Orleans, USA, November 23-25, 2019
New Orleans, 2019
ISBN: 987-8-578-17748-9
Decision Sciences Institute (DSI Annual Conference) <50, 2019, New Orleans/La.>
Fraunhofer IML ()
Lean Startup; Business Model Development; Smart Product Service Systems

Through increasing digitization, classic Product Service Systems (PSS) are further developed into smart PSS. An early business model perspective is an important success factor of the development of smart PSS. Therefore, in this paper a procedure model for the lean design of business models for smart PSS is presented.