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Three-dimensional flow prediction in mould filling processes using a GFDM

: Saucedo-Zendejo, F.R.; Reséndiz-Flores, E.O.; Kuhnert, J.


Computational particle mechanics 6 (2019), Nr.3, S.411-425
ISSN: 2196-4378
ISSN: 2196-4386
Fraunhofer ITWM ()

The aim of this work is to achieve a meshfree implementation for the numerical prediction of 3D flows during mould filling processes in metal casting using a generalized finite difference method. The free surface incompressible flow problem is numerically solved using a semi-implicit Chorin–Uzawa’s projection scheme where the normal vectors needed for the free surface computations are computed with a simple and efficient idea. Further, the boundary conditions incorporation involved in this industrial problem is done in a simple and direct manner. The main characteristics in this meshfree formulation together with details of its computational implementation are given. The numerical results of a benchmark example using this formulation are reported and compared with published numerical and experimental results, and finally, the numerical solution of some three-dimensional test problems is reported which show that this formulation is promising for predicting three-dimensional complex free surface flows in mould filling processes in casting.