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DRAU: Dual Recurrent Attention Units for Visual Question Answering

: Osman, A.; Samek, W.


Computer vision and image understanding : CVIU 185 (2019), S.24-30
ISSN: 1077-3142
Fraunhofer HHI ()

Visual Question Answering (VQA) requires AI models to comprehend data in two domains, vision and text. Current state-of-the-art models use learned attention mechanisms to extract relevant information from the input domains to answer a certain question. Thus, robust attention mechanisms are essential for powerful VQA models. In this paper, we propose a recurrent attention mechanism and show its benefits compared to the traditional convolutional approach. We perform two ablation studies to evaluate recurrent attention. First, we introduce a baseline VQA model with visual attention and test the performance difference between convolutional and recurrent attention on the VQA 2.0 dataset. Secondly, we design an architecture for VQA which utilizes dual (textual and visual) Recurrent Attention Units (RAUs). Using this model, we show the effect of all possible combinations of recurrent and convolutional dual attention. Our single model outperforms the first place winner on the V QA 2016 challenge and to the best of our knowledge, it is the second best performing single model on the VQA 1.0 dataset. Furthermore, our model noticeably improves upon the winner of the VQA 2017 challenge. Moreover, we experiment replacing attention mechanisms in state-of-the-art models with our RAUs and show increased performance.