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The role of multiplex network structure in cooperation through generalized reciprocity

: Stojkoski, V.; Utkovski, Z.; Andre, E.; Kocarev, L.


Physica. A 531 (2019), Art. 121805
ISSN: 0378-4371
Fraunhofer HHI ()

Recent studies suggest that the emergence of cooperative behavior can be explained by generalized reciprocity, a behavioral mechanism based on the principle of “help anyone if helped by someone”. In complex systems, the cooperative dynamics is largely determined by the network structure which dictates the interactions among neighboring individuals. These interactions often exhibit multidimensional features, either as relationships of different types or temporal dynamics, both of which may be modeled as a “multiplex” network. Against this background, here we advance the research on cooperation models inspired by generalized reciprocity by considering a multidimensional networked society. Our results reveal that a multiplex network structure may enhance the role of generalized reciprocity in promoting cooperation, whereby some of the network dimensions act as a latent support for the others. As a result, generalized reciprocity forces the cooperative contributions of the individuals to concentrate in the dimension which is most favorable for the existence of cooperation.