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Mariners in the Context of Remote-controlled Tugs

: Walther, Laura; Hartmann, Andreas; Burmeister, Hans-Christoph; Jahn, Carlos

European Journal of Navigation 19 (2019), Nr.1, S.4-10
ISSN: 1571-473X
Fraunhofer IML ()
Fernsteuerung; Schlepper; Hafenmanöver; Schiffsnavigation

Growing ship sizes, increased transport volumes and limited port basins lead to bottlenecks in particular in busy international ports. To increase the safety and efficiency of ship navigation in ports, the German research project FernSAMS aims to develop a remote-controlled tug. In this regard, this paper elaborates the role of mariners in the context of remote-controlled tugs. This includes an analysis of current operations and processes. On this basis the implications of remote control on each procedure, on the required technical aids and on the interactions between participating mariners are studied.