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Common dimensioning of frequency restoration reserve capacities for European load-frequency control blocks

An advanced dynamic probabilistic approach
: Knorr, K.; Dreher, A.; Böttger, D.


Electric power systems research 170 (2019), S.358-363
ISSN: 0378-7796
Fraunhofer IEE ()

This paper advances the probabilistic modelling approach for dynamic dimensioning of Frequency Restoration Reserve (FRR) capacities of [1]. The approach is based on the convolution of forecast error distributions of generation and load sources. The improvements include 1. the replacement of normal distributions with better fitting intermittency distributions to model forecast error distributions of wind and photovoltaic generation and load, 2. the adjustments for facilitating the dynamic and static dimensioning for 20 European load-frequency control (LFC) blocks, 3. the dimensioning of FRR capacities not only for a historical year (2016) but also for a scenario year 2050 with 100% renewable generation and 4. the implementation of a common dimensioning of several LFC blocks in order to determine the saving potential of an implied integration of European LFC blocks.