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Manufacture of hybrid natural/synthetic fiber woven textiles for use in technical biocomposites with maximum biobased content

: Shamsuyeva, Madina; Winkelmann, Jana; Endres, Hans-Josef

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Journal of composites science 3 (2019), Nr.2, Art. 43, 17 S.
ISSN: 2504-477X
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weaving technique; natural fibre; biocomposite; hybrid textile; hybrid biocomposite

This feasibility study investigates the flexural properties of biocomposites containing woven flax textiles (plain, twill, satin) and woven twill patterned hybrid textiles containing flax-/glass or flax-/carbon mixture for lightweight applications. Synthetic fibers are integrated as weft and flax fibers are integrated as warp yarns using a double-rapier weaving machine with a Jacquard attachment. The corresponding biocomposites are manufactured via vacuum infusion process using a biobased epoxy resin as a matrix. The manufactured biocomposites are analyzed with regard to their density and flexural properties. The results show that the use of hybrid textiles offers a promising solution for the manufacture of biocomposites with a higher biobased content and significantly improved flexural properties. Furthermore, the introduction of high-performance synthetic fibers in textiles enables the manufacture of biocomposites with an isotropic mechanical performance.