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Improvement Methods for Colorimetric Gas Sensor for Use in Indoor Livestock Farming

: Boerman, Jan K.; Harberden, Jan-Kees van; Pannek, Carolin; Schmitt, Katrin; Tarantik, Karina; Bauersfeld, Marie-Luise; Wöllenstein, Jürgen

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Proceedings. MDPI AG 2 (2018), Nr.13, Art. 769, 4 S.
ISSN: 2504-3900
Eurosensors Conference <32, 2018, Graz>
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Ammonia Detection; colorimetric sensor; Livestock Farming; Halochromic

Different published colorimetric sensors were investigated with the ultimate goal to develop a colorimetric sensor for a closed livestock farm, applicable in a rough environment. The methods were investigated to improve the lack of sensitivity, roughness, and reproduction of colorimetric sensors. The methods investigated varied from changing matrices, changing substrates, treatment of the substrates, and investigation of the distribution by camera of the chemical thin layer and investigation on temperature, water and cross interference of several other gases in the livestock gas matrix. Results showed that with changing several important parameters, other than only the choice of a color indicator results in a serious improvement of the sensor specification and an improved performance necessary for the rough circumstances in livestock farming.