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Luminescence Properties of SiV-centers in diamond diodes

: Tegetmeyer, Björn
: Ambacher, Oliver

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Stuttgart: Fraunhofer Verlag, 2019, II, 106 S.
Zugl.: Freiburg, Univ., Diss., 2018
Science for systems, 38
ISBN: 978-3-8396-1398-6
Dissertation, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IAF ()
quantum physics (quantum mechanics & quantum field theory); material science; quantum optics; material science diamond; electroluminescence; charge state control; diamond diode; Physiker; Materialwissenschaftler

The silicon-vacancy center (SiV-center) is a promising candidate for quantum-physical applications due to its physical properties. It shows a narrowband emission and high photo-stability already at ambient conditions. Contrary to the well-known and extensively studied nitrogen-vacancy center, the physical properties of the SiV-center are not known well enough for actual applications. Especially the possibility of electrical excitation and the luminescence properties of different charge-states of the SiV-center are not sufficiently proven. The present work intends to narrow this gap. For that, electroluminescence experiments on pin- and Schottky-diodes were performed allowing to overcome the limits of optical excitation for future devices. Additionally, experiments for exploring the luminescence properties of the silicon-vacancy center at different surface terminations (hydrogen-, oxygen-, and fluorine-termination) were conducted. For a more detailed investigation of the SiV charge states, a two-dimensional Schottky-diode was fabricated from diamond, allowing to control the charge states actively and examine the resulting optical properties of the silicon-vacancy center.