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Broadband GaN-based power amplifier MMIC and module for V-band measurement applications

: Schwantuschke, Dirk; Brueckner, Peter; Amirpour, Raul; Tessmann, Axel; Kuri, Michael; Rießle, Markus; Massler, Hermann; Quay, Rüdiger


13th European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference, EuMIC 2018. Proceedings : 24-25 September 2018, Madrid, Spain
Piscataway, NJ: IEEE, 2018
ISBN: 978-2-87487-052-1
ISBN: 978-1-5386-5286-2
European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC) <13, 2018, Madrid>
Fraunhofer IAF ()
V-band power amplifier; power amplifier module; monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC); aluminum gallium nitride; gallium nitride

This work presents a balanced GaN-based power amplifier targeting the entire V-band frequency range. The fabricated chip was packaged in a split block WR-15 waveguide environment to make it applicable for high-power measurement applications. The designed GaN MMIC provides a high small signal gain of more than 20 dB within a frequency range of 49 GHz up to 83 GHz. On-wafer large-signal measurements of the MMIC at 75 GHz demonstrate a linear gain of 26.3 dB, along with a saturated output power of 29.3 dBm (850 mW) and a maximum power added efficiency of 13.5 %. For the assembled module, an average saturated output power of 28.1 dBm (645 mW) within a variance of ±0.4 dB has been measured for the entire V-band (50-75 GHz).