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Smart stratifying powder coatings

: Entenmann, Marc; Gedan-Smolka, Michaela; Greisiger, Heinz

Hilt, M. ; Federation of Associations of Technicians in the Paint, Varnish, Enamel, and Printing-Ink Industries of Continental Europe -FATIPEC-; The Oil & Colour Chemists' Association -OCCA-:
ETCC 2018, European Technical Coatings Congress. Book of Abstracts : 26-29 June 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Amsterdam, 2018
16 Folien
European Technical Coatings Congress (ETCC) <4, 2018, Amsterdam>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Pulverbeschichten; smart material; multilayer; Mehrfachbeschichtung

Multilayer coatings are state of the art for today's high quality automotive and industrial protective coatings systems. As many as three separate layers are nowadays used for the corrosion protection and optical properties of metals. Additionally, the general trend in the coating industry can be described by the replacement of thick multilayer coatings with thinner, less layer containing and highly efficient coating systems. Because of their UV and weathering stability, polymers on the base of acrylics or polyurethanes must be used as top or clear coats. In principle, these coating layers can be used as liquid or powder coating systems. In addition to the fact that the coatings can be used in a high-performance coating, they can also be used in a high-performance coating performance is observed.
One wants to be one of the most cost-effective, one-to-one, and one-to-one-to-one solutions for the future future coating industry. It is obvious, that there is an urgent need for new smart powder coating systems, which combines in a cost efficient way high performance, with effective protective properties, exists. In the presented study, an innovative concept for smart coatings is proposed, which is based on stratification effects in epoxy and polyurethane components containing powder coating formulations.