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Highly isolating and broadband single-pole double-throw switches for millimeter-wave applications up to 330 GHz

: Thome, Fabian; Ambacher, Oliver


IEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques 66 (2018), Nr.4, S.1998-2009
ISSN: 0018-9480
Fraunhofer IAF ()
H-band; high electron mobility transistor (HEMT); millimeter wave (mmW); millimeter-wave integrated circuit (MMIC); single pole double throw (SPDT); submillimeter wave (smmW); switch; W-band

This paper reports on the investigation, design, and fabrication of single-pole double-throw (SPDT) millimeter-wave integrated circuit (MMIC) switches for applications with an operating frequency of up to 330 GHz. An analysis of the well established millimeter-wave (mmW) switch topology ( /4-shuntSPDT switch) is done to achieve wideband performance and high isolation simultaneously. Using a standard technology parameter(RON), this theory allows a performance estimation of switch MMICs before a wafer run and can support the design of mmW switches. Based on this analysis, a novel switch topology, with an improved isolation, is introduced. Additionally, this paper demonstrates three SPDT switch MMICs (SPDTs 1–3), the first two of which are targeting the W-band, whereas the latter is targeting the H-band frequency range. All MMICs were fabricated on the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied SolidState Physics 50-nm gate length metamorphic high-electron mobility transistor process. SPDT 1 achieves a bandwidth of52–168 GHz. The average in sertion loss (IL) and the isolation are 3.1 and 42.1 dB, respectively. The peak performance is2.1 and 52 dB. SPDT 2 utilizes the novel switch topology and yields the average IL and isolation of 4.5 and 56.4 dB, respectively. The operating bandwidth is 75–170 GHz. The peak performance is 3 and 65 dB. The 1-dB compression points (Pin1 dB) of SPDTs 1 and 2 are 19 dB and 14 dBm, respectively. SPDT 3 operates from 122 to 330 GHz and achieves the average IL and isolation of 2.2 and 17.4 dB, respectively. The peak performance is 1.5 and 22.8 dB.