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Determination of the total circulating blood volume using magnetic particle spectroscopy

: Weigl, Franziska; Seifert, Annika; Kraupner, Alexander; Jakob, Peter M.; Hiller, Karl-Heinz; Fidler, Florian

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International journal on magnetic particle imaging : IJMPI 3 (2017), Nr.1, Art. 1703021, 7 S.
ISSN: 2365-9033 (electronic)
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Elektronische Publikation
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The knowledge of the patient’s total blood volume is essential in clinical routine. A variety of methods have been studied over the past decades but due to its extend volume and intricate distribution throughout the body only few of them result in accurate total blood volume determination. In this work, we present a method for measuring the total blood volume based on Magnetic Particle Spectroscopy (MPS). The presented method consists of three major steps. First, from the signal-to-noise ratio (snr) estimation of the undiluted tracer and a chosen minimum accuracy of the blood volume determination combined with a rough estimation of it, a bolus volume for injection is calculated. This step has to be performed only once per used tracer. In a second step, the bolus is injected into the subject. Last, a small amount of blood is taken after a mixing time. From the measured concentration, the total blood volume is calculated with at minimum the prior given accuracy from step one.