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Feasible device architectures for ultrascaled CNTFETs

: Pacheco-Sanchez, A.; Fuchs, F.; Mothes, S.; Zienert, A.; Schuster, J.; Gemming, S.; Claus, M.


IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology 17 (2018), Nr.1, S.100-107
ISSN: 1536-125X
Fraunhofer ENAS ()

Feasible device architectures for ultrascaled carbon nanotubes field-effect transistors (CNTFETs) are studied down to 5.9 nm using a multiscale simulation approach covering electronic quantum transport simulations and numerical device simulations. Schottky-like and ohmiclike contacts are considered. The simplified approach employed in the numerical device simulator is critically evaluated and verified by means of comparing the results with electronic quantum simulation results of an identical device. Different performance indicators, such as the switching speed, switching energy, the subthreshold slope, Ion/Ioff -ratio, among others, are extracted for different device architectures. These values guide the evaluation of the technology for different application scenarios. For high-performance logic applications, the buried gate CNTFET is claimed to be the most suitable structure.