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Digitisation in Logistics

Answers to questions that concern companies. Position Paper
: Heistermann, Frauke; Mallée, Torsten; Ten Hompel, Michael
: Bäumann, Lars; Otto, Boris; Wiemer, Frank; Blackburn, Robert; Söllner, Johannes; Wimmer, Thomas

Volltext (PDF; )

Bremen: BVL, 2017, 28 S.
Buch, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IML ()
digitisation; Logistics 4.0

In the era of digitisation, customers make extremely high demands in terms of levels of service and the flexibility of logistics services. The key market drivers of digitization are increased requirements with regard to transparency, supply capability and delivery reliability as well as the desire for individualized products or services. The B2Csegment is driving high expectations, and customers are now increasingly also voicing these expectations in the B2B environment.