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Search for and detection of pulsars inmonitoring observations at 111 MHz

: Tyul’bashev, S.A.; Tyul’bashev, V.S.; Kitaeva, M.A.; Chernyshova, A.I.; Malofeev, V.M.; Chashei, I.V.; Shishov, V.I.; Dagkesamanskii, R.D.; Klimenko, S.V.; Nikitin, I.N.; Nikitina, L.D.


Astronomy reports 61 (2017), Nr.10, S.848-858
ISSN: 1063-7729 (Print)
ISSN: 1562-6881 (Online)
Fraunhofer SCAI ()

In the course of monitoring interplanetary scintillations of a large number of sources using the Big Scanning Antenna of the Lebedev Physical Institute, a search for pulsars with periods ≥0.4 s at declinations −9◦ < δ < 42◦ and right ascensions 0h < α < 24h was simultaneously carried out. The search was conducted using four years of observations carried out at 110.25MHz in six frequency channels making up a 2.5 MHz band and having a time resolution of 100 ms. The initial identification of pulsar candidates was done using Fourier power spectra averaged over the entire observational period; the pulsar candidates were then verified using observations with higher frequency and time resolution: 32 frequency channels and a time resolution of 12.5 ms. Eighteen new pulsars were discovered in the studied area, whose main characteristics are presented.