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Numerical solutions of Einstein field equations with radial dark matter

: Klimenko, S.; Nikitin, I.; Nikitina, L.


International Journal of Modern Physics C 28 (2017), Nr.7, Art. 1750096, 24 S.
ISSN: 0129-1831
Fraunhofer SCAI ()

We study a static spherically symmetric problem with a black hole and radially directed geodesic flows of dark matter. The obtained solutions have the following properties. At large distances, the gravitational field produces constant velocities of circular motion, i.e. flat rotation curves. At smaller distances, the field switches to Newtonian regime, then to Schwarzschild regime. Deviations from Schwarzschild regime start below the gravitational radius. The dark matter prevents the creation of event horizon, instead, a spherical region possessing extremely large redshift is created. The structure of space-time for the obtained solutions is investigated and the implications for the models of the galaxies are discussed.