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A refinement operator for outerplanar graphs

: Horváth, T.; Akutsu, T.; Wrobel, S.

Muggleton, S.:
16th International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming, ILP 2006 : Santiago de Compostela, Spain, August 24-27, 2006; Short papers
Corunna: University of Corunna, 2006
ISBN: 84-9749-206-4
International Conference on Inductive Logic Programming (ILP) <16, 2006, Santiago de Compostela>
Fraunhofer IAIS ()
logic; machine learning; computational drug design; graph

Outerplanar graphs form a practically relevant class of graphs which appear efficiently computable bottom-up refinement operator for tenuous outerplanar graphs defined by combining techniques from first-order learning, algebraic graph theory, and combinatorial pattern matching. Since the coverage test for outerplanar graphs is decidable in polynomial time, our results can be used to develop practical algorithms for bottom-up induction of tenuous outerplanar graph patterns.