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Empirical transport model of strained CNT transistors used for sensor applications

: Wagner, C.; Schuster, J.; Gessner, T.


Journal of computational electronics 15 (2016), Nr.3, S.881-890
ISSN: 1569-8025
Fraunhofer ENAS ()

We present an empirical model for the near-ballistic transport in carbon nanotube (CNT) transistors used as strain sensors. This model describes the intrinsic effect of strain on the transport in CNTs by taking into account phonon scattering and thermally activated charge carriers. As this model relies on a semiempirical description of the electronic bands, different levels of electronic structure calculations can be used as input. The results show that the electronic structure of strained single-walled CNTs with a radius larger than 0.7 nm can be described by a fully analytical model in the sensing regime. For CNTs with smaller diameter, parameterized data from electronic structure calculations can be used for the model. Depending on the type of CNTs, the conductance can vary by several orders of magnitude when strain is applied, which is consistent with the current literature. Further, we demonstrate the tuning of the sensor by an external gate which allows shifting the signal amplitude.