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Measurement and modeling of the effective thermal conductivity of sintered silver pastes

: Ordonez-Miranda, J.; Hermens, M.; Nikitin, I.; Kouznetsova, V.G.; Sluis, O. van der; Ras, M.A.; Reparaz, J.S.; Wagner, M.R.; Sledzinska, M.; Gomis-Bresco, J.; Sotomayor Torres, C.M.; Wunderle, B.; Volz, S.


International journal of thermal sciences 108 (2016), S.185-194
ISSN: 1290-0729
Fraunhofer ENAS ()

The effective thermal conductivity of sintered porous pastes of silver is modeled through two theoretical methods and measured by means of three experimental techniques. The first model is based on the differential effective medium theory and provides a simple analytical description considering the air pores like ellipsoidal voids of different sizes, while the second one arises from the analysis of the scanning-electron-microscope images of the paste cross-sections through the finite element method. The predictions of both approaches are consistent with each other and show that the reduction of the thermal conductivity of porous pastes can be minimized with spherical pores and maximized with pancake-shaped ones, which are the most efficient to block the thermal conducting pathways. A thermal conductivity of 151.6 W/m K is numerically determined for a sintered silver sample with 22% of porosity.