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Low-velocity transverse impact of small, clear spruce and pine specimens with additional energy absorbing treatments

: Polocoser, T.; Stöckel, F.; Kasal, B.


Journal of materials in civil engineering 28 (2016), Nr.8, Art. 04016048
ISSN: 0899-1561
Fraunhofer WKI ()
wood; impact; low-velocity; stereomachanics; fiber reinforcing; rubber

Single-blow impact testing of spruce and pine specimens were done to assess the effects of additional E-glass reinforcing on the tension face of a beam along with a rubber lamina adhered to the impact face. Comparisons between classic three-point static bending and dynamic pendulum tests proved the wood specimens did not absorb more energy in a dynamic loading; conversely, when reinforced with E-glass the spruce specimens absorbed about 2.5 times more energy, and the pine specimens absorbed 1.4 times more energy. The pine specimens treated with rubber and E-glass absorbed only about 1.5 times more energy, indicating a minimal positive effect by adding rubber. The most critical aspect of testing was the strain rate sensitivity of the E-glass.