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Cognitive radio prototype for industrial applications

: Saad, Ahmad; Mansour, Nour; Friedrich, Andreas; Youssef, Ziad; Dahlhaus, Dirk; Sharma, Mridula; Al Halaseh, Rana; Majeed, Erfan; Kohrt, Klaus D.; Bruck, Guido; Knorr, Rudi; Jung, Peter

Finland University of Oulu, Centre for Wireless Communications -CWC-:
European Wireless 2016 : 22th European Wireless Conference, 18-20 May 2016, University of Oulu, Finland; CD-ROM
Berlin: VDE-Verlag, 2016
ISBN: 978-3-8007-4221-9
ISBN: 3-8007-4221-7
8 S.
European Wireless Conference (EW) <22, 2016, Oulu>
Fraunhofer ESK ()
cognitive Radio; filter bank PHY; opportunistic medium access; wireless; fieldbus; industrial communication; hardware implementation; Quality of Service (QoS); industrial; scientific; medical band; ISM-Band; Wireless Networks

The development of adaptive communication systems for industrial applications is crucial for achieving flexibility in the so-called Industrie 4.0. In this paper we present the design and implementation of a cognitive radio (CR) prototype for a wireless extension of the tethered process fieldbus (PROFIBUS) in the 2.4 GHz industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) band. The prototype integrates an adaptive filter bank-based physical layer (PHY) with a cognitive medium access control layer (MAC) in order to meet the strict qualitiy-of-service (QoS) requirements of factory automation in terms of delay and packet loss. The paper also presents a hardware-efficient implementation of computationally intensive PHY and MAC algorithms and functionalities. To the best of our knowledge, the presented protoype is the first practical implementation of a CR system for wireless fieldbus communication in an industrial automation scenario.