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Towards MMIC-based 300 GHz indoor wireless communication systems

: Kallfass, I.; Dan, J.; Rey, S.; Harati, P.; Antes, J.; Tessmann, A.; Wagner, S.; Kuri, M.; Weber, R.; Massler, H.; Leuther, A.; Merkle, T.; Kürner, T.


IEICE Transactions on Electronics E98-C (2015), Nr.12, S.1081-1090
ISSN: 0916-8524
ISSN: 1745-1353
Fraunhofer IAF ()
THz communication; 300 GHz; MMIC

This contribution presents a full MMIC chip set, transmit and receive RF frontend and data transmission experiments at a carrier frequency of 300GHz and with data rates of up to 64Gbit/s. The radio is dedicated to future high data rate indoor wireless communication, serving application scenarios such as smart offices, data centers and home theaters. The paper reviews the underlying high speed transistor and MMIC process, the performance of the quadrature transmitter and receiver, as well as the local oscillator generation by means of frequency multiplication. Initial transmission experiments in a single-input single-output setup and zero-IF transmit and receive scheme achieve up to 64Gbit/s data rates with QPSK modulation. The paper discusses the current performance limitations of the RF frontend and will outline paths for improvements in view of achieving 100Gbit/s capability.