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Optical coating and nanostructuring on plastics

: Schulz, U.; Munzert, P.; Kaless, A.; Kaiser, N.

Guangxue-jingmi-gongcheng = Optics and precision engineering 13 (2005), Nr.4, S.459-464
ISSN: 1004-924X
Fraunhofer IOF ()
optical coating; nanostructure; plastic substrate

The coating of plastics for optical applications is intended to improve the mechanical durability of soft polymer and to serve an antireflection function. Usually a classic four-layer antireflection system is added on top of a single-layc hard coating. With needle optimisation,an alternative coating design has been developcd. Plasma ion assisted depositio was used to deposit coatings upon polymers. Uniform antireflection and high scratch resistance have been achieved.