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Efficient resource management based on non-functional requirements for sensor / actuator networks

: Timm, C.; Weichert, F.; Prasse, C.; Müller, H.; Ten Hompel, M.; Marwedel, P.

Botha, R.:
Ninth International Network Conference, INC 2012. Proceedings : Held in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in July 2012
Plymouth: University Plymouth, 2012
ISBN: 9781841023151
ISBN: 1841023159
International Network Conference (INC) <9, 2012, Port Elizabeth/South Africa>
Fraunhofer IML ()
network resources; resource management; Resourcenmanagement

In this paper, a novel resource management approach is presented for publish-subscribe middleware for sensor/actuator networks. The resource management was designed with the possibility to add non-functional requirements at runtime to subscription messages. This approach allows utilizing service level agreements that can then be employed in order to guarantee a certain quality of service or to reduce the energy consumption of a sensor node in a sensor/actuator network. As an example, a sensor/actuator network for facility logistics system (a conveyor belt system) is evaluated with respect to energy consumption. This sensor/actuator network is mostly controlled by image processing based sensor nodes. It is shown that an adaptive processing interval for these sensor nodes can reduce the energy consumption of the entire network. The utilization of non-functional requirements allows the system to adapt -- after software development -- to context changes such as the extension of the conveyor belt systems topology.