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Personal Laser protection device

: Ritt, Gunnar

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WO EP70258 : 20121012
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to a Personal laser protection device (1) comprising: Fixing means (2) being adapted to be worn on a user' s head (25) and further being adapted to carry at least any of at least one protective filter (3) and/or at least one laser beam entrance (40) and/or at least one alarm system (6), wherein the laser beam entrance (40) is coupled to at least one laser detection device (4) being adapted to detect incident laser radiation (45), or the protective filter (3) is adapted to be arranged between a user' s eye (250) and a source of laser radiation (450) and is switchable from at least one first state to at least one second state, wherein incident radiation (45) is attenuated at least partly on passing said protective filter in the second state, or the alarm system (6) is adapted to emit an individually perceivable alarm.