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Advanced modular production concept for miniaturized products

Zukünftiges modulares Produktionskonzept für miniaturisierte Komponenten
: Gaugel, T.; Dobler, H.; Rohrmoser, B.; Klenk, J.; Neugebauer, J.-G.; Schäfer, W.

Swiss Foundation for Research in Microtechnology -FSRM-:
Microfactory. 2nd International Workshop on Microfactories : October 9-10, 2000, Fribourg, Switzerland
Neuchatel, CH: FSRM, 2000
International Workshop on Microfactories (IWMF) <2, 2000, Fribourg>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Produktionskonzept; Baukastenkonzept; Modularisierung; manufacturing Concept; microfactory; kit concept; flexibility; modularity; Fertigung; Miniaturisierung; Modulbauweise; Flexibilität

Microsystem technology and miniaturization are becoming increasingly important in the automotive and capital goods industries, communication and medical device technologies, and the fields of life science. Mechanical and electronic components, such as minute actuators and complex sensors, are progressively becoming smaller and require adapted production techniques for their manufacturing, assembly and test. Costly conversion procedures, the high floor space requirements of current equipments, and a low level of economical efficiency in the manufacture of micro-components demand for research activities in this area. Micro-production in use at the moment shows deficits but also potentials for development, especially in the production-related linking up of individual process steps.