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Design and modeling of self-aligned nano-imprinted sub-micrometer pentacene-based organic thin-film transistors

: Zanella, F.; Marjanovi, N.; Ferrini, R.; Gold, H.; Haase, A.; Fian, A.; Stadlober, B.; Müller, R.; Genoe, J.; Hirshy, H.; Drost, A.; König, M.; Lee, K.-D.; Ring, J.; Prétôt, R.; Enz, C.C.; Sallese, J.-M.


Organic Electronics 14 (2013), Nr.11, S.2756-2761
ISSN: 1566-1199
Fraunhofer EMFT ()

Sub-micrometer channel length (0.5 m) organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs) are demonstrated using a process flow combining nano-imprint lithography (NIL) and self-alignment (SA). A dedicated test structure was designed and samples were fabricated on 4-in. plastic foils using a p-type sublimated small molecule (pentacene) as semiconductor. Field-effect mobilities, in saturation, between 0.1 and 1 cm2/Vs were obtained not only for the supermicron OTFTs but also for the submicron OTFTs. Those devices were used to select a model based on the "TFT Generic Charge Drift model" which works well for a broad range of channel lengths including the submicron OTFTs. We show that these OTFTs can be accurately modeled, thus giving access to complex circuit simulations and design.