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Energy value stream design for the measurement and reduction of CO2 emissions

: Erlach, Klaus

Seliger, Günther ; College International pour L'Etude Scientifique des Techniques de Production, Paris:
10th Global Conference for Sustainable Manufacturing, GCSM 2012. Proceedings. CD-ROM : Towards Implementing Sustainable Manufacturing; 31st October - 02nd November 2012, Istanbul
Istanbul, 2012
ISBN: 978-605-63463-1-6
Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing (GCSM) <10, 2012, Istanbul>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Energiewertstrom; Wertstrom; value stream; Value Stream Mapping (VSM); factory planning; Fabrikplanung

The extended energy value stream method provides an efficient tool for companies to report and reduce their CO2 emissions. It is based on the value stream analysis, which was expanded in terms of direct energy consumption such as electricity, natural gas and compressed air. Moreover the analysis takes into account indirect energy waste i.e. scrap materials, waste and rubbish. Both direct and indirect energy consumption are assigned to their specific CO2 emission values. The result is a clear and transparent summary of the amount of CO2 emitted during the production of a product, broken down into the respective production steps. To take advantage of the identified resource saving potential, energy value stream design provides a systematic approach to find and evaluate measures to reduce CO2 emissions, based on eight design guidelines. It gives the possibility to simultaneously optimize energy consumption and the production process.